The Holocaust

The Crossover Project engages the issues of the Holocaust by honoring and remembering those who suffered in, and as a result of, the Holocaust and seeks to educate people on the horrors of genocide, encouraging people to be upstanders for justice and say "Never Again!".

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Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future

Holocaust Garden of Remembrance

The Holocaust Garden of Remembrance is located along the waterfront of King's Harbor in Kingwood, TX. Illustrating the experiences of children at the Jasenovac Camp and other European camps during the Holocaust using painting, sculpture, music, and physical structures, the Garden brings lessons from the Holocaust to a setting outside the walls of churches, synagogues, and educational institutions and uses those lessons to expose the signs of impending genocide, enabling visitors to recognize those warning signs and motivate them to say, “Never again!” in their own communities.

March of Remembrance Houston

March of Remembrance Houston (daughter to March of Life, in Europe) is a prayer walk taken annually since 2007 on or around Yom HaShoah (Day of Holocaust Remembrance) to “honor, educate, remember, & engage”. We choose that day as a clear sign against anti-Semitism and because it is a powerful symbol of what happens when people remain silent about indifference and prejudice. Each event is organized locally and includes public events to honor the Jewish community by providing a platform for Holocaust-related speakers to give testimony.

Leizer and Rose Horowitz

Leizer and Rose Horowitz

Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships

In 2015, scholarships were created to honor the memory of Leizer and Rose Horowitz and to educate and empower students to become ambassadors to help break the veil of silence surrounding the Holocaust and to become leaders to ensure that the world remembers the horrors of ALL genocides and to actively do their part to stop current and prevent future atrocities. In 2016, scholarships totaling $7,500 were awarded to eight exemplary students.