Recent Classes:

Therefore consider carefully how you listen.”  Luke 8:18

This past summer, we learned how to push beyond our previous limits and develop ministry skills, such as inner healing, deliverance, and visiting the sick in their home or hospital room. We learned how to listen effectively, with our spirit.  In the Kingwood Healing Room Training classes we discover ways to bring people to freedom and wholeness!


Recent Teachers:

Evelyn Mealy/ Kingwood Healing Room/Inner Healing Director

 Evelyn is a trained Theophostic prayer minister,  and recently shared how she uses this framework to begin her prayer sessions, and then moves on to sense what Holy Spirit wants to do...G-d has used Evelyn and her prayer partner and husband Bill Mealy for many physical, emotional and spiritual healings within the body of Messiah. She teaches from experience...expect an impartation. She provides printed materials and focuses on issues specifically for the prayer room.  In her classes, she allows special time to break up into groups of three for real-time practice While learning ways to bring others to freedom, many received their own inner healing!


Nancy Cook/ Christ Restoration Ministries/Director

Last summer, Nancy introduced the Beth Shalom framework for inner healing and explained how it provides a workable structure for an inner healing session.  She provided printed materials and focused on issues specifically for the prayer room.  She also demonstrated how to start an inner healing session using a tool for encountering Jesus.  In a separate class, Nancy also presented selected "Sozo"  Kingdom Tools.  These are tools which can be included in our “toolbox” of inner healing techniques.  As led by the Holy Spirit, we select specific tools that are most appropriate for a given prayer session. The class included a practicum time of learning and healing.




Dr. Winston Hancock/Pastor and Hospital Chaplain

Dr. Hancock taught practical and compassionate listening skills, the kind necessary for effective ministry to the sick, when visiting in their home or hospital room.  Jesus said in Luke 8:18 (NIV), “Therefore consider carefully how you listen.”   Dr. Hancock askedwhat else does God’s Word share with us about “Listening?”  What do we convey to another person when we “listen to them?”  He also explained how people use three basic listening modes and discussed ways we can promote “Active and Meaningful Listening,”  and the ministry benefits of a “Listening Supportive Presence.”


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