A fresh wind blows… we sense something new in the atmosphere…every breath tells us the season is changing! Likewise, during the last few months, we felt the physical Healing Room ministry moving to a new season. 

The summer training on inner healing went well, which we hope to expand further. For over three years, we had been praying for opportunities to bring healing ministry into hospitals as well. However, this past year, we have seen a decline in the average number of Tuesday night seekers for physical healing, which made us ask, “What’s going on, L-rd?” This is going into our eighth year, which means ‘new beginning’! Are we experiencing a realignment? A shift? A new beginning?

As we ask these questions, we are taking special time to find out what G-d has in mind! We want to take time to pray and plan. During this season, the Tuesday night Healing Room ministry will take a Sabbatical rest until the end of the year. We want to celebrate His goodness, and thank Him for healing and other blessings received, especially in the Healing Room over the past seven years! And we're so glad you came and were touched by this ministry.

We long to reach deeper into hearts, and further out to neighborhoods and hospitals. Stay tuned for something special that may open up in the Kingwood and Woodlands HOSPITALS and for inner healing sessions being set up on Tuesday nights in the future as well.

Please pray ‘new beginning’ for the entire Healing Room ministry! And may The Lord grant you a personal new beginning!

Blessings, and Shalom!


Mitch ,Rozalie, Johnny and the team