Announcing: Kerri, with The Crossover Project, is Volunteering in Israel! Be Part of the Adventure!

by Susan Debose / Tuesday, 14 February 2017 / Published in Israel, Jewish-Christian Relations, News and Updates

Kerri with a Holocaust Survivor


Thirteen months ago I said, “Yes, Lord, here I am, send me,” to His calling me to serve in His promised land. Since then, God has graciously walked me through the process of letting go of my belongings so that I could experience the fullness of His plan for me without any strings attached. Through the time in Israel, Adonai reminded me of so many of His promises for my life and also added a few more pieces to the puzzle. I’ve had the honor to serve 9 of the 12 months I have committed to serving in Israel, and I cannot believe how much can change in so little time! I have conquered so many obstacles that I thought I’d never be able to overcome, and Yahweh has guided me in His overwhelming grace, love and compassion. He has done so much work on my heart – changing how I view people and giving me a love like no other for them. As a product of that, I’ve been able to impact the lives of others. At this time, the Lord has opened the door for me to come home for the holidays and to be able to raise the rest of the funds needed for the final 3 months of my mission in Israel.

I spent the first 6 months in Israel serving at Yad HaShmona, the only Messianic Kibbutz in the Land. I was blessed with meeting so many new life-long friends and just being able to rest in the peace and goodness of Abba’s presence while performing my duties on the kibbutz. The last 3 months, I experienced a total change of scenery when I moved to the city of Bat Yam to live with a Holocaust survivor named Sarah. At first she was reluctant to have a stranger in her home, but by the end of the 3 months we had grown so close that she told me I just simply could not leave. During the time I was staying with Sarah, I traveled to Netanya each week to help serve over 40 other Holocaust survivors through food distribution and soup kitchens; I was also privileged to serve and honor them with special meals called “royalty dinners.”

On February 18th I will be returning to Netanya to complete my final three months of service in the Holy Land. Specifically, I will be working in the distribution center, serving Holocaust survivors along with underprivileged families, and bringing healing and hope to His people. I have to raise $3,600, which breaks down to: $1,200 per month, $300 per week or $40 per day. Donations can also be made in monthly payments or any amount that the Holy Spirit leads you to give. This mission would not be possible without your prayers and support. Thank you for allowing me to be your hands and feet serving in His Promised Land!

Blessings and Shalom,

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Kerri with a Holocaust Survivor