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Healing Relationships Between Jews, Christians and Our G-d.

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Our Focus

We seek to promote a greater understanding of the differences and similarities between Jewish and Christian customs, history, and theology, while purposing to disarm prejudice and intolerance.

Our Hope

We desire to evoke a deeper revelation of G-d's perfect order, strengthen Biblical foundations, and encourage a closer walk with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - forsaking all other gods.

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"...after I was in the soaking room and was prayed for, my pain level has decreased and I can breathe without fear."


Houston, TX
"G-d eternally saved my soul and birthed a new spirit within me years ago, but today He saved my hearing."

Valli Ann

Lufkin, TX
"G-d heals, He heals for real and forever, with no catches."

Chuck Benson

Houston, TX

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